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Why I Unfollowed Almost Everyone On Instagram

Why I Unfollowed Almost Everyone On Instagram Mackayla Paul

As an Instagram Marketing Specialist, my entire life revolves around Instagramming on the daily. 

Seriously, you can ask my man and he will tell you that the theme song for his life is my fake nails tapping on my phone screen.

When I first started my Instagram account for my business back in January 2016, I did what most people did when they first start an account – I followed a bunch of people.

And that habit of following people back and following accounts that I randomly found in Instagram hashtag streams continued on right up until last weekend.

On a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, I was sitting in bed, and having a casual scroll through my Instagram newsfeed.

What I began to notice was the complete boredom I felt when scrolling through – my Instagramming had become habitual, almost robotic in nature and I really was not engaged with any of the content I was seeing.

It made me realise why I have been using Instagram solely for business growth over the past few months – I was only following certain accounts for a reason I can only describe as ‘social media politics’.

You know what i’m talking about.

That business owner you met at a networking event followed you on Instagram, so you followed them back.

Or maybe it’s a client of yours, a supplier, a friend.

Sure – you can ‘mute’ people on Instagram now (thanks for that update… a little too late Insta!) but I made the tough decision to begin my Instagram cull.

Over the course of that weekend I unfollowed over 650 accounts that fit one of the following criteria:

1. They posted content that didn’t interest me at all

2. I had no idea who the account owner was

After completing the cull early on Sunday night (I did the cull by unfollowing 60 people per hour) I immediately started to notice a difference in my Instagram feed.

I was finally starting to see content from the accounts I was already following but had been lost in the tricky algorithm!

Now those accounts that I love, appreciate, and that I actually want to engage with are popping up on my Instagram newsfeed and I definitely have a new fondness for the app.

There are also a few accounts I follow for the reason that I want a reminder to purchase from them when I have some spare coin to throw around. This cull actually benefits them because now I am 100% more likely to actually #shopsmall and buy!

Oh and there’s also that wedding dress designer that I follow because I sure as heck know what dress I want – no ring yet, i’m just crazily organised.

So on that note – do you feel as though your Instagram newsfeed is letting you down?

Maybe it’s time to unfollow a few of those accounts that you’ve been holding on to that you don’t actually like.

Trust me, it’s #worthit.


Image: Photographer @channingce // Outfit by @palomabrisbane/@swfboutique

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