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How To Switch Off And Be Present As An Entrepreneur

How to switch off + be present as an Entrepreneur

When you love what you do, it can be very difficult to switch off from it and in those early days of being an entrepreneur, it can also feel like if you don’t hustle and build momentum you won’t be able to grow a successful business.

And so begins the vicious cycle of entrepreneurship.

This way of doing business can lead to overwhelm and stress. It is also the fastest way to burnout.

How can something you love so much, turn into something that no longer serves you?

When you forget to take care of yourself, you keep telling yourself ‘when’ or you make your health a lesser priority than your business.

Remember why you started?

What lit you up, what were you passionate about, how you wanted to feel!

Here are a few business must do’s to help you switch off and be present as an entrepreneur:

1. Set clear boundaries right from the start.

A lot of the time we say things like ‘I will be able to say no, when I am successful’ or ‘once I’m earning enough then I can set my hours’ No sweetheart, to be successful and earn money, you need to set the tone now for how you want your business to be in the future. If you only want to be seeing clients 3 days a week at certain times, then set those boundaries NOW!

2. Tech free time.

We hear this all the time, but it is true that in a day and age of constant communication and instant gratification, it is really important to get back to the basics.

Put the laptop away, iPad down, switch off your phone and take some time to really be in your life, in the present moment. Go for a walk in your favourite place, head to a cafe for a coffee and some people watching, read a good book or simply just be.

3. Create a list of non-business related dreams, hobbies, passions and interests.

Often when we get clear on the why, we can also see that it is about an entire lifestyle vision. Then do something every day that is for your overall lifestyle not just your business. Salsa dancing anyone?

Often when we get clear on the why, we can also see that it is about an entire lifestyle vision. Then do something every day that is for your overall lifestyle not just your business. Salsa dancing anyone?

4. Connect and collaborate.

As an entrepreneur, especially one who is running their business online, it can be easy to find yourself confined to 4 walls, staring at a computer screen. This however, does nothing for your productivity and can stifle your creativity. You don’t have to do this alone, in fact the more you can connect + collaborate with others, the more successful you are likely to be. Having a group of like-minded ladies on your team allows you time + space to actually reflect on your business rather than just always being in it. Plus who doesn’t love cute cafes and soul chats to get their mojo back.

5. Have some good old fashioned fun.

Life is serious enough without adding more pressure + expectations to the mix. Sometimes the best way to stay productive and keeping moving forward is to actually switch off + have some fun. There is a reason why they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’

6. Take a nap.

Whether you’re more of a 20 minute power style gal or a few hours snooze fest kinda lady, close your eyes and get some rest. Julie Parker, Founder of Beautiful You, once said that nothing seems as bad after a sleep. If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused, drained or just a little unsure of what to do next, go and lay down, it is the fastest way to switch off + take a break from life as an entrepreneur.

7. Cultivate a gratitude practice.

This is a go-to tool, to bring your awareness back into the present moment. When you have a strong vision and goals, you may find yourself always looking at what’s next. By practising gratitude in your life and business, you are able to take a moment to look at where you already are. Start small, at the end of each week write down your top 3 gratitudes for the week, then as you start to feel into it, you can make it a more regular part of your business. This can also be combined with celebrating and acknowledging the wins, instead of focusing on what went ‘wrong’ or didn’t happen, you bring your attention to what amazing things DID happen.

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  • Reply Samantha February 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Great tips Amy, thank you! I especially love the idea of taking a nap, I’ve been known to do this quite regularly! 🙂

    • Reply Amy February 22, 2017 at 6:42 pm

      Thank you lovely! Glad you enjoyed them. Napping is often the only way I can get my mind to take a break, so
      I have started making more time for them too. xo

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