Six Tips For Mastering Your First Professional Photoshoot

Being the face of your business takes a whole lot of courage. First is the incredible feat of creating your business, then there’s the all-important task of ensuring your message and purpose are congruent with your business. Once you do have a clear direction on these elements, you’ll start delving into thinking about what makes your business unique and answering questions like; “How can I stand out in the marketplace?”

A really simple way to express your individuality in the marketplace is to create a visual brand that showcases who you are and what your business is here to do. After all, no one else can do what you do in the way that you do it and this means that no other business will be just like yours! To successfully create a visual brand and share your business with the world, start with a branding photo shoot.

A successful branding photo shoot does two things; it will capture your business and your brand, visually representing your message and what your brand represents. It will also capture and highlight who you really are. Yes, you are your brand. However, you are not just your brand, you offer so much more. The traits that make up your unique personality are the most important element to photograph. This is what your audience wants to see because they really do want to connect with you.

By following these steps you’ll make sure to get the most out of first shoot and communicate your visual brand most effectively.

  1. Get a grasp on the specifics of your brand

You put so much time, energy and heart into your website copy, your Facebook posts, your newsletters etc. This is what we consider the message of your brand and it’s a really important element to capture. What is it your business is here to achieve? Once you have visual imagery that shares this message and you place this on your site along site your content, you will have a really strong and consistent brand. This also includes the specifics of your target market, who are they? Photographs evoke emotions. It’s so important to consider what you want your ideal client to feel when they visit your website? Capturing images that evoke these emotions is pivotal.

  1. Effectively Brief your Photographer

Once you’re clear on the specifics of your brand, find a photographer that has experience working with entrepreneurs. You’ll find that these photographers know what to look for and how to position you to get the most useable images for an online business. It’s really important to share with your photographer, the message of your brand and the elements of your personality that you want to showcase within your business. When you can clearly communicate this to a photographer who gets it then, you can put all of your trust in them. This in turn will allow you to relax and enjoy the process, potentially turning something that can be quite scary and daunting into one that’s fun and enjoyable, which will give you really authentic and beautiful images too.

  1. Be Conscious of your Rest and Hydration

It’s time to book your photo shoot. The planning and preparation work is complete, you’ve briefed the photographer, now it’s time to make sure you get some good quality sleep on the nights leading up to your photo shoot. It not only helps to make sure your eyes, skin and smile are bright, but it also helps with your energy levels and enthusiasm. Keep your body well hydrated too. This means drinking at least 2 liters of water each day leading up to your shoot. Preparing yourself in this way will enable you to show up looking and feeling your best.

  1. Explore your Style and Makeup options

If you can, book in a professional hair and makeup artist to work their magic on the day of your shoot. When you let someone else use his or her expertise, you again get to relax and simply enjoy the experience. I would suggest that you keep your makeup simple, but remember, for it to show up in photographs, make sure it’s thicker than what you’re used to. One of the most important pieces of advice I have, when it comes to style; make sure you feel comfortable, yet beautiful in every outfit that you bring. Remember, you want to showcase who you are! If you want, you can even match the colours of your outfit with your branding colours, however I would suggest you speak with your photographer about this beforehand. Do not wear items that may be too distracting, like bold patterns and big logos. I would also be conscious of fashion statement pieces that may look amazing now but that        could also go out of fashion in a few years, therefore dating your images.

  1. Don’t forget about Grooming

Spend some self-care time the night before doing a little grooming, caring for your nails, hair, teeth and skin. Smooth moistened skin, manicured nails, clean hair and teeth are an absolute must. Maybe even take little time to do a meditation and relax your nerves, everyone get’s a little nervous before a photo shoot, so even taking 10 minutes sitting in your car on the day of your shoot, doing some deep breathing before you start is a great way to get out of your head and relax into your body.

  1. Now it’s Time to Have Fun

Your personality is what sets you apart. Be empowered to express your own uniqueness. This is by far, the one component that creates visual imagery that will propel your business. You are unique and what you have to offer is special. You want to stand out from the rest, do this by expressing and showcasing you. This might mean that you show a really natural smile (because if you’re having fun in your photo shoot you will capture that). This smile might make your nose crinkle or it might highlight your laugh lines. This is the kind of image that people want to see when they’re searching for the person behind the brand. In this world of online businesses, more than ever, people are seeking authenticity. When you can show up in business as the person that you are outside of business, you will easily and more effectively connect with your audience and this will also give you more confidence to stand behind the visual brand you’ve created.

Being visual online takes a whole lot of courage but you’ve already stepped out of your comfort zone and taken the scariest step of all; creating the business. Now every step is a leap forward and when you have a visual brand that you are confident to stand behind, your business will grow and up-level. Your unique visual brand is the key ingredient that you need to stand out and express exactly why you created the business in the first place. Capture your essence and share it, both online and in person.

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