Balance + Mindset

Daring To Play A Bigger Game In Life

Ever read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown? She encourages female entrepreneurs to nurture their talents, create impact and share their talents with the world, but also highlights the uncomfortable vulnerability we undergo when putting ourselves out there in the process. It’s an area often…

Four Genius Ideas to Build Your Email List

Four Genius Ideas to Build Your Email List

Are you as a creative business owner or entrepreneur asking yourself: if I’m putting out engaging, content, have solid sponsorships in place and I provide prime services or an amazing product, why am I still not getting the email subscribers I want? Email marketing…

The Art of Balancing Your 9-5 & Your Side Hustle

The Art of Balancing Your 9-5 & Your Side Hustle

Balancing a 9-5 and a business is truly an art form that was not meant for the weak-hearted. In fact, referring to your business as a “side hustle” can be quite cringe-worthy when you know you put in so much more than the title…


UX 101: What It Is & How It Benefits Your Business

Ever heard of UX, UI, or UX writing and wondered what it was? Do you know if you need it for your business? In short: UX = User Experience UI = User Interface UX Writing = User Experience Writing UI & UX are usually…

Glacce water bottle

#ITNloves: Glacce Crystal Elixir Bottles

If you haven’t heard of Glacce water bottles then you must check them out, like, now. The beautifully designed water bottles with a crystal in the centre that harness energy and creates crystal elixir are the brainchild of Sharon Leslie. Leslie came up with the concept after…

Five Things to Look Out for in Any Contract

Five Things to Look Out for In Any Contract

When it comes to your business, contracts are everywhere. From the lease to your office to the contractor that you just hired, you are making contracts all the time. Contracts are so commonplace that it’s easy to forget what a powerful tool (or weapon!)…