There are three essential ingredients to enhance productivity, however, these three key elements are often the most neglected when it comes to attempting to build an empire. The question is then, why are entrepreneurs overlooking this formula? It seems everywhere you look these days we are being told, to be at our best we need to focus on our wellness. Fuelling our bodies with healthy and nutritious food regularly, exercising and moving each day and practising mindfulness have been identified as the three most important features in the recipe for success.

Most workplaces these days have attempted to build in wellness programmes to boost employee morale and enhance efficiency. There are countless articles, TV shows and products (mindfulness colouring books, superfood supplements, gym plans and retreats) that are all promoting the need to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Corporate wellness has become a multi-million dollar industry.

Despite the stream of encouragement, when you are working hard to realise a dream, it is challenging to schedule moments for self-improvement. Eating on the go or skipping meals, sacrificing a gym session to finish a report and getting to bed in the early hours of the morning are common characteristics of those shaping a business. Although the zest and drive to forging a business is commendable and important, particularly in the infancy of a brand, the lack of attention placed on reviving your inner-self can be harmful not only to the health of your business but to you, the most valuable asset to your business.

These six simple tips can assist in perfecting the necessary art of self-indulgence and help unlock a more productive you.

1. Eat a nutritious breakfast.

We have all been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet it is also the most skipped meal. If you are committed to accomplishing your dreams with gusto, you will need energy. Fuelling your body with a wholesome breakfast each morning will give you the healthy start you need to power through the day. Breakfast also helps kick start your metabolism and improves mental clarity and focus. If you always find yourself rushing out the door in the morning opt for a breakfast smoothie, some fruit or pre-prepare your breakfast meal the night before.

2. Dedicate 30 minutes a day for exercise.

Sparing 30 minutes a day to exercise in order oxygenate your blood, improve your brain power and reduce stress, should be 30 minutes well spent for any entrepreneur. Exercise also increases the endorphins in your body, keeping you motivated, optimistic and engaged. Exercise has been commended for its efforts in alleviating health conditions including depression, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. Working out whether it be at the gym or through sport or fitness classes can also guide you to prospective clients for your business. It can enhance your network, help with creativity, boost your confidence and keep you strong in mind and body. If it is difficult to find a full 30 minutes in your day, look for moments for incidental exercise, take the stairs, walk around whilst on the phone or have business meetings pacing the block.   

3. Practice Gratitude.

Being grateful for all you have is a wonderful way to keep things in perspective. It clears the way to identify solutions, instead of concentrating on obstacles. Gratitude is known to increases determination, keeps you proactive and helps you connect with clients, employees and stakeholders. Spending a moment each day to write down three things you are grateful for can shift your mindset and help you thrive.

4. Go to bed early.

This is something we all can struggle with but it has many benefits. Having a full seven to nine hours of sleep each night should be a non-negotiable as it directly impacts productivity. There is merit in Benjamin Franklin’s quote “early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise,” mornings are powerful especially after having a good night sleep. You find yourself with more willpower, ‘extra’ time to goal-set (setting an intention for the day) and get things done. Going to bed early can fast-track you on your wellbeing journey. If you find it hard to get to bed on time, set an alarm 15 minutes before bedtime and start your bedtime rituals, switch off all devices, brush your teeth and dive into bed.

5. Unwind.

Get out and do something you thoroughly enjoy each week (better yet each day), whether it be indulging in a hobby or having a massage or dancing around your lounge room. Give yourself permission to bliss-out and relax.

6. Get back to basics and take the first step.

Eating and sleeping are the basic necessities for all human beings. It is time to keep it simple, choose to take thirty minutes each day to exercise, factor in meal times or go to bed at a reasonable hour (well before midnight), whatever it is, take the step and keep it re-occurring. Being diligent will help cement this action into a habit. From this first step, you can invite further improvements to support your wellbeing.