We’re big fans of incredible initiatives at ITN HQ and the latest one by Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature as part of their Save Our Species program is truly ingenious.

Lacoste has replaced its iconic crocodile logo with those of 10 endangered species to support the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The endangered species include animals like the Anegada ground iguana, the California condor and the Cao Vit gibbon. The number produced of these limited edition polo shirts corresponds to the remaining estimated population sizes of these animals in the wild and the numbers are astounding.

  • Anegada ground iguana – 450
  • Sumatran tiger – 350
  • Saola – 250
  • California condor – 231
  • Kakapo parrots – 157
  • Cao Vit gibbon – 150
  • Javan rhino – 67
  • Northern Sportive lemur – 50
  • Burmese roofed turtle – 40
  • Vaquita – 30

If you’d like to purchase a shirt or read more about this amazing initiative you can head here.


Image: teenvogue.com


What do you think of this incredible initiative?