Working from home or have a shared workspace can be great! You can have flexible hours and make your own schedule. It may sound like the dream, but it could be very easy to get distracted or become unmotivated or uninspired in an atypical office space, potentially a few doors down from your laundry room. How do you remedy this you ask? You’re in luck! I am going to give you some tips to personalize your desk space for optimal inspiration and productivity without breaking the bank.

Create a moodboard 

You can change this out by the week or month or just as you find new images that inspire you! There is just something inspiring about physically having this hung up at your desk (instead of just having a completely digital one) Pin them to a bulletin board, use magnets, or my personal favorite, use clips and a metal grid. Mine are Threshold at Target for $9.99 each. They are 15” sq. so you can build a larger one by hanging multiple ones together.


Now don’t go crazy because you don’t want to look like a hoarder with a desk full of tchotchkes. Instead, think of essentialism when you are creating your dream workspace. We’re talking a picture of you and your family or when you got drinks with the girls, a calming lavender candle or diffuser, even a vase of fresh flowers to boost your mood! The key is odd numbers when it comes to a visually pleasing grouping – think one item by itself or three items grouped together, even five if you have a larger space. My favorite places to shop for accessories – Target (I would move-in if it was socially and legally acceptable), Home Goods, and flea markets. I am also loving Temple and Webster for more unique finds online.

Add a computer screensaver 

This one may sound trivial, but pick a favorite photo or inspirational quote as your desktop or laptop screensaver. It is the perfect (free) way to keep your spirits up during a rough patch or keep you going on a long day. My favorite: “Never let anyone dull your sparkle”.

Add color or pattern 

If it’s your own home, paint the walls. If you’re in an apartment or a shared space or just want something temporary, add some fun artwork or get a great wall mural to make a big impact without spending a fortune. I love Deny Designs and Society 6 for some really creative options. Plus, they have other fun things like cellphone covers and throw pillows. If you are looking for a more permanent addition, check out some of the great wallpapers at These Walls, Deny Designs, and MuralsWallpaper.

Get a great desk chair

You may think that this is a given, but you’d be surprised how many women don’t have a supportive desk chair! If your desk chair isn’t comfortable (and let’s be honest, cute), you are probably going to end up working on the couch and that is terrible for your back and neck. So, unless you want to take permanent residence at the chiropractor, I recommend checking out places like Ikea, Target, or Wayfair for some chairs that have both looks and comfort. I love the HATTEFJÄLL swivel chair in pale pink from Ikea right now.



Image: Ella Jardim