Girlbosses: Are You Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?

Girlbosses: Are you Stepping Outside Of Your Comfort Zone?

It’s not easy always hustling and putting yourself out there, especially if you work from the comfort of your computer or home. Stepping outside your comfort zone and putting yourself out there publicly takes balls, but it’s just one of those things that you just need to bite the bullet and get on with it.

So if  you find yourself saying “I know I need to put myself out there, but I feel cheesy posting tons of images of myself” or “what will people think of me?” and worse “what if they don’t like me?” You’re not alone! The best (and easiest) way is by starting out slowly, tackling it bit by bit and increasing your brand visibility as you go. Know that it does get easier and the things that bothered you initially you won’t even think twice about now.

So how can you step outside your comfort zone?

Identify your roadblocks.

Set aside some time to sit down and really think about what your roadblocks are. What is scaring the bejeezus out of you putting yourself out into the world? Is it your fear of being judged? Are you scared of the success that might come your way? Identify what your fears are and then write down what is the worst scenario that could happen? You get a snarky remark on social media? You don’t get the expected sales from a launch? Next to the worst case scenario, write down the opportunities and benefits you would gain from stepping outside your comfort zone. When you begin to write down the fears and really identify the issue it’s much easier to get clear and rationalise whether this is a genuine fear or if you’re just afraid of the all the “what if’s.” If it is a genuine fear such as public speaking, call it out and take the action to face your fear and resolve it, like taking a public speaking course. 99% of the time, this exercise shows you these fears are pretty minuscule in comparison to what you stand to gain.

Know your strengths.

There is absolutely no sense in investing your time into a visibility strategy that you’re not comfortable with. Yes, you want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone but if public speaking just isn’t your strength and something you don’t feel comfortable doing then don’t fight it and sign up to speaking gigs because you heard that’s the way to get more business. If writing is more your thing then get hustling on your own blog, contributing to reputable websites where you’d like to be featured or write an eBook. Play on your strengths and get comfortable with that first, as you gain confidence with one area you can tackle your other roadblocks one by one.

What are three things you could do to make yourself more visible TODAY?

Just think for a moment, put all your pressing tasks aside that you need to complete and think about three things that you can do today that would immediately put your business in front of your audience. Who could you approach for a collaboration? Who can you interview for your blog? What can you post on social media? Which event can you attend to speak to that person you’ve been dying to connect with? Make it a priority to focus daily on tasks that will continue to keep your business visible so you’re constantly reaching your audience.





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