As empowered females who are setting out on the path of changing the world through our work, it is easy to see how the feeling of stress could be a heightened one for entrepreneurs.

Between feeling the pressure to show up, live our purpose and be who we were born to be and being the friend, family member and partner we want to be, the pressure builds and our stress levels rise.

With ever-growing to-do lists, expectations and visions, it is vital to both our own self-care and the success of our business, to have some go-to strategies in place to bring a sense of calm to our mind, body and soul.

Follow these tips to help find your zen in the entrepreneurial world.


One of the biggest stressors online, is seeing and hearing everything constantly.

The quickest way to cut down on all of that noise is to hit unsubscribe or unfollow.

If you’re noticing your heart rate increasing when you open your inbox, this one is for you.

Take back control and breathe easy by only subscribing and following people and businesses who add value to your space, otherwise, say goodbye and unsubscribe.

Say No.

Often in order to say yes to yourself and your own needs, you need to say no to someone or something else. Do you find yourself overwhelmed and spending a huge chunk of your time on other people?

Then it’s time to learn one little, yet powerful and freeing word. NO!

Give yourself permission to say no to the things that don’t serve you or even just take you away from your own needs or where you want to be.

Have a Support Network.

When you find yourself being weighed down by the shoulda’s or to-do’s, having a strong and supportive network to hold you up or remind you of your why, is key to feeling less stress in both your life and business. Surround yourself with like-minded people who understand what you’re going through and want to see you succeed.

Find another Passion.

Often the work that has stolen your heart has come from an interest or hobby and as you’ve transitioned it into now being your job, you have lost that as your free time or complete creative outlet. Which means that when your passion becomes your work you need to replace your passion.

Explore new interests and look for things that inspire you outside of your business.

Create a Personal Team.

While a work team can definitely help keep those stress levels down, a personal team is just as important. This may include a doctor, kinesiologist, coach, naturopath, personal trainer, nutritionist or massage therapist. These are the people who are there for you, to keep your health and happiness in check.

What have you found useful in combatting stress?