Essentialism: What It Is & How To Incorporate It Into Your Life

Essentialism: What It Is & How To Incorporate It Into Your Life

With the forever changing demands in today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to feel like you’re just caught up in the flow of everything and lacking purpose. So, how do you ensure that you are on the path to a purposeful life?

One way to explore this is through Essentialism.

Essentialism is all about living with intention. It is a conscious mindset that leads to building your ideal lifestyle.

Much like minimalism, it isn’t about suddenly getting rid of everything, it’s about keeping what holds value in your life by surrounding yourself with items, people and spaces that align with your true self.

Here are 3 practical tips to get you started on your Essentialism journey towards having a meaningful connection with everything in your life:

1. Map out your values

Values highlight what you stand for. If you don’t already know your values the easiest way to get there is to find your why. Write down everything that is important to you in your life, along with  the last time you felt fulfilled and your non-negotiables. Now, ask yourself why. Why do they hold this meaning to you and there you’ll begin to find your core values.

2. Live with purpose

Values are no good if they just sit there as a list. They need to be put into action. So begin by assessing what you currently have in your life and whether it meets your values. If not then what changes can be made so it can better align or what are the steps you need to take to remove it? Once you’ve had a cleanse of the existing and given everything a purpose, it’s now time to use these values as a style guide to help shape an intentional path moving forward.

3. Slow down and make decisions with intention

If a new opportunity arises then assess how well it honours your core values and if it aligns with where you want to be.

When purchasing something try to remember that your dollar is a vote for the World you want to see – what is that ideal World? Why do you need this? Is there a more ethical alternative? Will you still love this 6 months down the track? Think timeless rather than trendy and keep your beliefs at the centre of everything you do.

Overall be deliberate with the opportunities you allow yourself to take on and ruthlessly curate the objects you bring into your home. Continually ask yourself ‘What does this mean to me?’

Essentialism is all about making the journey a much more enjoyable and conscious process so that when you reach the final destination you can look back and know you stayed true to who you are and you’re moving forward with only the essentials.



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