Ever read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown?

She encourages female entrepreneurs to nurture their talents, create impact and share their talents with the world, but also highlights the uncomfortable vulnerability we undergo when putting ourselves out there in the process.

It’s an area often overlooked when people talk about business, but nonetheless so important to allow for growth and success.

It’s a big part of the journey when you’re reaching for your dreams.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had that feeling where, one day out of the blue you just feel a little off, like you’re not moving forward fast enough?

Maybe you start doubting yourself, questioning if you’re good enough?

Maybe you look around at your reality and can’t see that the life you’re dreaming of is up to speed with where you want to be so you feel dejected?

Perhaps you look around and see you don’t have people around you that share your zest and vision for life, you know those that dare to stretch out of their comfort zone, so you think for a second maybe it’s easier if I don’t either?

Feel familiar?

If so, here’s a 4 step ‘reframe’ strategy to overcome it. It’s called STEPPING INTO IT

1. So what do you do?Whenever you get this feeling, realise and be aware that you are STRETCHING. UPLEVELING. REACHING FOR MORE and ‘STEP INTO’ those feelings.

2. ACKNOWLEDGE the negative feelings, those fears and doubts, because they only arise when you are trying to do something you haven’t done before. You see the mind gets confused and goes into self-protection mode when confronted with something new. It sees that you’re pushing for an experience that it doesn’t yet have evidence to confirm it will work so recoils leaving you in a space of resistance which manifests itself as fears and doubts.

3. Go back to PAST EVIDENCE in the subconscious mind and remind it of your past WINS E.g.

    • When you completed your first blog post and got it submitted online
    • When you set up your first Facebook page and got your first likes
    • When you had your first successful event
    • When a client first paid you
    • When you took the leap and left your job to start your own business
    • When you put out your first offer

4. EXPAND YOUR VISION even more. You see, if every day you’re showing up and going for your dreams, every day you’re winning. You just have to train you mind to see the good so that it starts saying on a daily basis “you’re pretty kick*ss aren’t you? It’s ok. WE GOT THIS.”

Daring to play a bigger game in life is about your MINDSET as much as the ACTION you take.

When I resigned from my 10 year corporate career with the BBC to set up my coaching business, as scary as it was it’s nothing compared to the fear of not allowing myself to explore my wildest dreams. I now have the pleasure of helping soulpurposed women create theirs.

So allow yourself to think BIG, dream BIG and live BIG.

Honour your vision. Get comfortable with believing in your goals even if they seem out of reach at the moment.

Don’t downgrade your dreams to match your reality, up level your faith to match your destiny.