Creating A Dream Team: The Intangibles That Successful Businesses Are Built Upon

Building a successful business can’t be done alone. It’s done by a team of people with the same goals driven with passion directed by a leader who knows how to get the best from their team. There’s an art in creating a dream team, and it’s looking for those intangibles in people – the things that you can’t always pinpoint. It may be a personality trait, the right characteristic, or a “thing” your gut was telling you about this person. How do you find and cultivate kind of environment in your business? Here are some tips:

Have a high emotional intelligence as a leader.
Understanding how a person operates will be one of your best tools in getting the most productive performance from that person. Emotional intelligence will help you properly place employees in roles where they will be the most successful. You’ll be able to play to their strengths and motivate them to achieve the end result you’re seeking. If employees feel appreciated and heard, they are more productive. A high impact leader knows what buttons to push and when to push them.

Find out are they comfortable with being uncomfortable?
Find the people who thrive in getting their hands dirty, keeping at it when the work gets hard, and being able to pivot quickly when plans change. Sometimes, running a small business requires everyone to take on a few different roles, and you need people by your side ready to take on some of the growing pains. Empower them to take full ownership and pride in their work. When an empowered team member believes they will have a meaningful and impactful contribution to a project, they’ll go beyond what is expected of them. And because parameters within a project can change quickly, make sure the people on your team can keep up with those changes.

Encourage their creativity and uniqueness.
If you build a space where team members feel safe to explore their creativity and uniqueness, you’ll gain different perspectives. Giving someone autonomy may be scary, so remind yourself that you’ve hired them for a reason – their expertise. Establish parameters, set an end goal, and then give them the latitude to get the job done. Since everyone comes from different life experiences and knowledge, you may find that their creativity may result in some innovative solutions that could help you when making business decisions.

Never stop observing.
Keep an open mind about what someone can bring to the table. You may have hired that person for one thing originally, and you’ve discovered some of their hidden talents along the way. Maybe they’re a great public speaker, they’re particularly adept at diffusing client issues, or they understand website development. The potential is limitless, but it’s up to you as the leader to always keep an eye open for talent and utilize them to the fullest.

It’s the intangibles in your team that will effectively make drive your business forward through effective execution and successful innovation.

How are you going to empower your team members differently?  


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    Great tips! We’re currently looking to expand our team so this is super helpful- thank you! 🙂

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