Etiquette on social media is a new and rapidly expanding platform. How you relate to people in person and online is the same. There is no difference. The same common sense and proper behavior applies. As social media continues to change, the conversations we have on various social media platforms may be accepted one day and inappropriate the next. Just remember, no matter where you engage with people, we all like to be treated with respect. So, here are some basic do’s and don’ts to remember on social media.

Do Pay Attention to Your Comments.

What you say on any social media platform is there forever. You may erase it, but believe there is some sort of trail that will come back to haunt you later. What you say, unless you business page is private, is definitely going to be public. If you have any doubt about what you are going to post or do not want something negative you posted coming back to you, don’t post it. This includes grammar, spelling, language, and gossip.

Do Control Your Tone.

When posting, try to represent a realistic tone. If you like to brag about your latest accomplishments, complain about an opportunity that passed you by, or want to vent because of a bad interaction with a client, consider who will read your post. Most likely it will be your followers, present clients, future clients or other girl bosses. Its okay, we are human. No one expects you to always have the best day ever, but they also do not want you to be fake either. Keep you post real and balance all while considering your tone and reputation.

Don’t Take It Personal.

If you put a post on your social platform and you do not get any likes, or the number of likes you expected, don’t take it personal. Not everyone is going to celebrate everything you do. It’s okay. With all the changes occuring on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it could be possible that your post was missed. Just keep doing what you do and don’t take it to heart.

Don’t Overshare.

Just like someone missing a post can be disappointing, oversharing can be overbearing. You want to build your audience or clients by impressing them with your business skills and brand. Bombarding them with post after post, picture after picture, or video after video is one sure fire way of losing them. You do want to get your name out there, but do so with balance.

Do Have A Purpose Before Posting.

Think before you post. As it was said in the above point, the same applies when you are pitching an idea to a possible client. Do not bombard them with pitches on their social media platforms. This is what the Contact Page on their website is for. And once you have contacted them, wait for them to respond. If a sufficient amount of time passes, and you have not heard back, then send a follow-up pitch. Keep in mind, people do have busy lives. Respect that.

Do Skip The Media Gossip.

Internet gossip can be a tempting trap, but if you are building a brand, resist the temptation. Getting involved in gossip does nothing but damage your reputation and hurts the person who is the topic of the gossip. If it does not involve you, then don’t get involved. If it does involve you, then speak to that person privately or better yet, let it go.

Don’t Expect Reciprocation.

There are many people who believe if they follow you, you should follow back. No, you shouldn’t or even have to. Being constantly hit up for follows, likes, or friending can reach a point where you just want to run away and hide. Follow, like, or friend someone only if YOU want to. And respect the same choice for others.

Don’t Engage With Rage.

We all know people can be mean online. No matter what you post, there will always be that person who hates it. And what they want more than anything else is to have you engage with rage. Unless someone has caused true damage to you, your business, or your reputation, do not respond. Get the facts and publish them on your platforms for all to read.

Overall, treat people whether it is in person or online the way you want to be treated. If you like compliments, understand that others like them, too. If you want people to respect your post, return the favour. Be the example you want others to follow. You are always representing your business and yourself in person and online. Be professional always.