Valentine’s Day has whole a lot of different connotations to each and every person. For some, like me, it’s a day for celebrating love, for others it’s a poignant reminder of being single (as if thats a bad thing?) and for others it’s simply a day created by Hallmark to profit from people *cue my mums voice echoing, telling me it’s a sham. But the hopeless romantic in me, really loves Valentine’s Day because I see it as a day that you can really choose to make it mean what you want.

Last night, at a Galentine’s Day event a conversation ignited about the topic of Valentine’s day and the expectations we had, from women both single and in relationships. After professing my love for the day and how important it is to celebrate it, another girl from the group stated “no offence, because you just said how much you like it, but why do you need a day dedicated to love, can you not show your love regardless?”

And my response, “yes absolutely, and by all means I believe we should be living that out each and every day. But let’s be realistic for a second. We are busy humans, sometimes we forget to be grateful, show our appreciation, tell a special someone(s) what they mean to us. And what’s wrong with having a day dedicated to that?” Valentine’s Day is only as cheesy as you want it to be. It’s what YOU choose to make it.

And to all my mindset babes out there that are all too familiar with the power of thinking: Anything and everything is what you choose make it.

What if we just use this as a day to celebrate love? A day to love ourselves? The ones around us and to let them know how loved they are? What if we shifted its significance?

So let’s re-write the rule book.

In commemoration of old and new celebrations, I’m going to take the burden off putting Valentine’s day on someone else and mark it as a beautiful reminder to love myself. To write down my accomplishments, to tell those that I love how much I love them and what they mean to me. And to send myself some rose. Why the f*ck not. I work bloody hard, I love flowers and a love note to myself is just as valuable if not more, than one from a significant other.

So here’s a list on different things we could do to give ourselves the self love we deserve this Valentine’s Day:

  • Buy myself flowers
  • Run a bubble bath
  • Treat myself to a bottle of my favourite red
  • Watch ridiculous funny videos
  • Tell the most important people in your life that you love them
  • Take a digital detox for the night
  • Treat yourself to your favourite dinner


How will you celebrate this Valentine’s Day?