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7 Easy Shifts To Gain Balance In Your Mindset For Business

7 Easy Shifts To Gain Balance In Your Mindset For Business

The business world can be blissful and exciting or unforgiving and frustrating. You need to have endurance and optimism, amongst other traits, in order to stay sane as you focus on being productive, prevent being overwhelmed, and minimizing risk. So, where does having balance factor into the madness? Well, in order to perform at an optimum level in business, you have to implement certain conscious shifts that will help you to gain balance in your mindset.

1. Whose problem is it, anyway?

In other words, What’s the real issue? Is it something that can be delegated? Are you getting in your own way? Can a process be improved?

2. Self-care and wellness are not optional.

There’s no reward for functioning in burnt out status. As the saying goes, “It’s better to invest now than to pay later”, is so true. Invest in self-care and wellness now or pay for it with your health and mental stability later.

3. How do you define a balance mindset?

If you ask three people what a balance mindset is, you’ll receive three different answers. A reason for this is because everyone has their own lifestyle. Don’t get caught up in what you think a balance mindset should look like. In stead, think about what having a balance mindset looks like to you and your lifestyle.

4. Even when you’re not moving, you’re moving.

As long as you are being proactive, and not just busy, you are making strides. Sometimes, it’s hard to see how productive you truly are because it looks like you’re moving slow or not at all. This is not the case. Where you direct your energy is where you will see results.

5. What is your true business style?

Maybe you work better in the afternoon than in the morning. Maybe you like to be in control so having a team of laid back individuals is your worst nightmare. Let’s honour your business style by being more expressive of your needs and wants and developing excellent communication skills.

6. Implement a success team.

The people who are wildly successful have what I like to call a success team. The people on their team want them to succeed and will perform at a high level. It’s okay to have your go-to people to help you. Don’t forget to include having a mentor on your team.

7. Document. Document. Document.

Document your accomplishments and lessons learned. Have a spreadsheet or a folder that you can review from time to time. By doing this, you’ll remember how you have made an impact and where you need to do some self-reflection.

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