Why I Unfollowed Almost Everyone On Instagram Mackayla Paul
Social Media

Why I Unfollowed Almost Everyone On Instagram

As an Instagram Marketing Specialist, my entire life revolves around Instagramming on the daily.  Seriously, you can ask my man and he will tell you that the theme song for his life is my fake nails tapping on my phone screen. When I first started…

5 Habits For Being Unwavering In Your Success
Balance + Mindset

5 Key Habits You Need For Unwavering Success

I once heard someone say that success is 99% mindset. It didn’t mean anything to me back then but fast forward two years into running my own business. I have a huge collection of failures, successes, collaborations, product launches, etc.. I’m not new to…

restore blank itsthenow.com

#ITNloves: Restore Blank

We love finding our about brands with a purpose and Restore____. aka Restore Blank was one we just couldn’t resist sharing. Restore____. is a nail polish brand with a difference. Creating a new colour each month to support and stand for causes, with a focus…

The Business Of Social Media Etiquette
Social Media

The Business Of Social Media Etiquette

Etiquette on social media is a new and rapidly expanding platform. How you relate to people in person and online is the same. There is no difference. The same common sense and proper behavior applies. As social media continues to change, the conversations we…